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Bringing New life to Old Trees
Based in Ventura, California, BC West Creek was founded on the idea of bringing new life to old trees.

With over 30 years in the tree service business, founder Brett Cunningham seeks to repurpose old trees and revive them into gorgeous, unique wood furniture and sculptures.
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"Brett Cunningham sculpts stories in wood at BC West Creek Gallery"
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"Using smaller, interesting blocks or slabs of wood for accent pieces, shelves or table tops is a way for any person to create beauty and bring warmth and character into their home"
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Timeless. Bold. Unique.
The Art Of Giving Old Trees New Life
Ojai native Brett Cunningham has spent over 30 years working with wood sculptures and collecting one-of-a-kind metal antiques. His passion for wood sculpting and furniture making started back in the early 1990’s, when he started his own tree care company.

When he realized how many beautiful old trees were only being used for firewood, he felt it was his purpose to give these trees new life. His first experience was in Westlake Village, California, where he was contracted to remove a historical Oak tree. Knowing this extraordinary tree would be considered nothing more than scraps, he saw the new life that could be created from this tree. From there he cut, cured, and sanded this majestic Oak, leading to the creation of his first pieces of solid wood furniture.

Keeping his passion for reviving forgotten trees at the forefront of everything he designs, Brett continues to create gorgeous, unique wood furniture and sculptures, coupled with his never-ending passion for building his museum of antiques for everyone to enjoy. Brett mentors a team of woodworkers, our in-house BC Art Team, as they design, create, and execute beautiful sculptures and smaller wood items.

Every tree has a story. No corners cut, every piece unique, and incredible craftsmanship on every design, a purchase from BC West Creek will always be an original.

~ Behind the Scenes ~
Need Wood?
Whether you're an experienced woodworker or enjoy doing your own DIY designs, we have an abundance of incredible slabs to choose from, most of which are extremely large. We offer Eucalyptus, Oak, and a select variety of other hardwoods, all at wholesale prices! Please reach out via phone or email to arrange slab selection and pickup.

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